Customer Responsibility Guidelines

Appointment timings:

a. The appointment time advised has a 2 hour window for morning appointments and 3hrs for afternoon appointments which is the arrival time of our technician. This is to allow for any adverse traffic conditions or where a previous installation has overrun.

b. We will contact you and keep you updated on our arrival time. In most cases we will arrive at the appointment time.

c. Estimated fitting times:

» Towbars: 3-5 hours

» Caravan motor mover : 4-6 hours depending on models fitted

» Vehicle racking systems: 4-8 hours depending on what is involved.

Vehicle preparation and Towbar coding:

a. We will require a flat area with sufficient space around to open all vehicle doors, and sufficient space for our van to be next to the vehicle being worked on.

b. The boot/payload area of the vehicle must be be clear of all luggage and items.

c. Where a vehicle specific wiring kit has been fitted and where the coding is available we will use the Westfalia Autocode to activate or de-activate your vehicle's features. If the coding is not available for the Westfalia Autocode then your vehicle will require a franchised dealer download. Autow-tech will not cover this cost.

d. In some cases vehicle manufacturers insist there vehicle cooling systems are uprated for towing purposes, Autow-tech does not carry out modifications to vehicle manufacturers' cooling systems. You will need to have this work done by a dealer if required.

Vehicle Location:

a. In the event of rain, snow or high winds, a covered area for the technician is advised to protect the interior, upholstery and the electrics of your vehicle. Where lacking we may have to postpone the installation to avoid the risk of damage to the vehicle.

b. We are unable to work in metered car parks which include but are not limited to NCP and council car parks. For safety and insurance reasons we do not work on the highways. If the parking of the vehicle is not suitable we may have to cancel the installation. A cancelation fee of £50.00 will be payable (to cover our time and travelling costs). Please call us to discuss if you have any concerns about where the vehicle will be parked.

c. Where a vehicle is to be worked on at a place of work, the customer is responsible for obtaining permission for their vehicle to be worked on at their employer's premises.

Pre & Post Checks

a. On arrival we will check your vehicle and dashboard lights for existing faults/ warning lamps and rear light operation. We will advise you accordingly.

b. Whilst we take great care when removing and replacing rear bumpers, we cannot be held responsible for any pre existing faults with the bumper or parking sensors or vehicle. If you are aware of any pre existing issues with your vehicle please makes us aware at the time.